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2013 Events

Tournament of Bands Indoor Championships


Seashore Food Trade Show 5/1/2013
Wildwoods Restaurant Showcase 5/15/2013
Tall Cedars Convention 05/09/2011-05/11/2013
East Coast Boardwalk National Car Show 05/09/2013-05/12/2013
Mother's Day Celebration 5/12/2013
Pirates Day with Captain Kidd 5/18/2013
Moreys Piers Beach Jam Spring Fling 05/18/2013-05/19/2013
State Gymnastics Championships 05/24/2013-05/26/2013
Wildwoods International Kite Festival 05/24/2013-05/27/2013
Boardwalk Craft Shows 05/25/2012-05/26/2013
River Adventure Card Boat Race                     05/25/2013
Wildwood Memorial Day Ceremony 05/27/2013
Moreys Piers Annual Education Extravaganza 5/29/2013-05/31/2013
Moreys Piers Beach Bop 06/1/2013
North Wildwood Beach Writers' Conference   06/4/2013-06/05/2013
New Jersey State Elks Convention 06/06/2013-06/09/2013
Mummers Brigade Weekend 06/07/2013-06/08/2013
International Supreme Council of DeMolay NJ State Convention 06/07/2013-06/09/2013
NJ State Elks Parade 06/08/2013
Moreys Piers Girl Scout Council of Southern NJ 06/08/2013
American Legion Convention 06/11/2013-06/14/2013
American Flag Day Ceremony 6/14/2013
Wildwood's Islandwide All Truck Show 06/14/2013-06/16/2013
ALS Express Bike Ride                     06/15/2013
American Legion Parade                     06/15/2013
Wipeout Race                     06/15/2013
Post Card Show and Open House                     06/15/2013
Curly Fry Festival 06/16/2013
Moreys Piers Fathers Day Convention                      06/16/2013
Restaurant Week in the Wildwoods  06/16/2013-06/21/2013
National Marbles Tourament 06/20/2013
Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies Auxiliary Convention                      06/22/2013
Doo Wop Back to the 50s Neon Night Tours 06/18/2013&06/20/2013
VFW Parade 06/22/2013
Youth For Christ Heatwave 06/23/2013-06/27/2013
Irish Pipe Brigade Parade 06/24/2013
Yoga on the Beach                      06/24/2013
Wildwood Talent Showcase Monday-Friday 06/24/2013-06/28/2013
Boardwalk Parades 06/25/2013
Doo Wop Back to the 50s Neon Night Tours  06/25/2013&06/27/2013
Duffy String Band Performance                      06/26/2013
Summer Live Music Series at Centennial Park                      06/26/2013
Yoga on the Beach                      06/26/2013
Philadelphia Mummers Parade Performances 06/27/2013
Cape Express Beach Blast Soccer 06/28/2013-06/30/2013
Fireworks on the Beach                       06/28/2013
North Wildwood Original Italian Festival  06/28/2013-06/30/2013
Eastern Surfing Association SJ District Contest #4 06/29/2013
Wildwood Talent Showcase 06/29/2013&06/30/2013
Fox Park Amphitheatre Concert Series                       06/30/2013
Yoga on the Beach 07/1/2013
Boardwalk Parades 07/2/2013
Yoga on the Beach 07/3/2013
Wildwood Talent Showcase 07/1/2013-07/31/2013    
4th of July Fireworks Spectacular                         07/4/2013
Fourth of July Patriotic Run/Walk&Show                         07/4/2013
Independence Day                         07/4/2013
Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band FREE Summer Concert                         07/4/2013
Philadelphia Mummers Parade Performances 07/4/2013
Cape May Country Lifeguarde Championships 07/6/2013
Fireworks on the Beach 07/6/2013
WWE Live 07/5/2013
Sports Card, Toys comics and Collectibles Show   07/06/2013-07/07/2013
Boardwalk Craft Show 07/6/2013-07/7/2013
Concerts Under the Stars Series       07/6/2013-07/31/2013
Historic House Tours of Thomas Baker House                          07/6/2013
Sidewalk Chalk Compotition                          07/6/2013
Fox Park Amphitheatre Concert Series 07/7/2013
Dance Xplosion National Dance Finals        07/8/2013-07/13/2013
Irish Pipe Brigade Parade 07/8/2013
Yoga On the Beach                          07/8/2013
Boardwalk Parades 07/9/2013
Doo Wop Back to the 50s Neon Night Tours 07/9/2013&07/11/2013
Duffy String Band Performances                        07/10/2013
Yoga on the Beach 07/10/2013
Summer Music Live Series at Centennial Park 07/10/2013
Philadelphia Mummers Parade Performances                        07/10/2013
Cape Express More Beach Blast     07/12/2013-07/14/2013
Fireworks on the Beach                        07/12/2013
NJ State BBQ Championship & Anglesea Blues Festival 07/12/2013-07/14/2013
Annual Duke of Fluke Fishing Tournament 07/13/2013
Boardwalk Craft Shows     07/13/2013-07/14/2013
Wildwood Cornhole Tournament 07/13/2013-07/14/2013
Historic House Tour of Thompson Baker House 07/13/2013
Summer Live Music  07/13/2013-07/14/2013
Yoga on the Beach 07/15/2013
Irish Pipe Brigade Parade 07/15/2013
Boardwalks Parades                         07./15/2013
Miss North Wildwood Pageant 07/17/2013
yoga on the Beach 07/17/2013
Beach Sports weekend including LAX, Hockey & Rugby 07/19/2013-07/21/2013
Antique Car Show 07/20/2013
Christmas in July with Santa 07/20/2013
Maritime Festival at Hereford Inlet Lighthouse 07/20/2013-07/21/2013
NJ State Crab Festival                          07/21/2013
Sophisticated Productions nathional Dance Competition  7/21/2013-07/26/2013
Yoga on the Beach                          07/22/2013
Boardwalk Parades                          07/23/2013
Yoga on the Beach                          07/24/2013
Co-Ed Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament 07/26/2013
Wild half Mile kids Marathon 07/27/2013
Delias       07/29/2013-08/8/2013
Moreys Piers a Closer walk Christan Youth Event 08/1/2013-08/3/2013
Beach Field Hockey Tournament 08/2/2013-08/4/2013
Fireworks on the Beach 08/2/2013
Beach Baggo Cornhole Tournament 08/3/2013
Philomena Monastero Boardwalk for the Cure 08/3/2013
Wildwood Crest 5k Beach Race 08/3/2013
Wildwood Crest Antique Classic & Hot Rod Car Show 08/3/2013
Yoga on the Beach 08/5/2013
Boardwalk Parades 08/16/2013
National Night Out Wildwood 08/16/2013
Duffy String Band Performances 08/7/2013
Harlem Globetrotters 08/7/2013
Fireworks on the Beach 08/10/2013
Annual SOCS Survivors of Cancer Fundraiser 08/10/2013
North Wildwood Annual Flea Market 08/11/2013
Yoga on the Beach 08/12/2013
Wildwood Talent Showcase Monday through Friday 08/12/2013-08/16/2013
Yoga on the Beach 08/14/2013
Fireworks on the Beach 08/16/2013
Wildwood tattoo Beach Bash Convention 08/16/2013-08/18/2013
Boardwalk Craft Show 08/172013-08/18/2013
Concerts Under the Stars Series 08/17/2013
Moreys Piers Coastin' by the Ocean 08/17/2013-08/18/2013
Tri the Wildwoods Triathlon & 5k 08/18/2013
Cape May County Rubber Ducky Regatta 08/18/2013
Around the Island 08/19/2013
Yoga on the Beach 08/19/2013
Yoga on the Beach 8/21/2013
Doo Wop Back to the 50s' Neon Night Tours 8/20/2013-08/22/2013
Fireworks on the Beach 08/23/2013
Boardwalk Craft Shows 08/24/2013-08/25/2013
Philadelphia Soul Summer Slam 08/24/2013
Fox Park Amphithatre Concert Series 08/25/2013
Restaurant Week in the Wildwoods 08/25/2013-08/30/2013
Yoga on the Beach 08/26/2013
Yoga on the Beach 08/28/2013
Fireworks on the Beach 08/31/2013
All GM Car & Truck Show 08/30/2013-09/1/2013
Labor Day weekend Fireworks 08/30/2013
Wildwood Block Party & Music Festival 09/1/2013
44th Annual Surf Fishing Tournament 09/6/2013-09/8/2013
Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally 09/5/2013-09/8/2013
Patriots Day Memorial Services 09/11/2013
September 11th Commemoration 09/11/2013
New Jersey State Firemens Convention 09/12/2013-09/14/2013
Boardwalk Classic Car Show & Audition 09/19/2013-09/22/2013
Irish Fall Festival 09/19/2013-09/22/2013
Moreys Piers Annual Beach Jam Fall Fest 09/20/2013-09/22/2013



5300 Atlantic Ave. Wildwood, NJ 08260 • 609-729-7666 • 1-800-633-7666

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